Charity – Giving To Those In Need

We live in the times in which some people have enough money to buy anything they want and people that don’t have enough money to buy one meal per day. Those who have too much should give to those that have nothing.
Sadly that is not a case. If every person gave 10 percent of their income to charity that would give it to those that need money, we would ultimately eradicate poverty.

Those who have billions do give to charity, but the percentage they give in negligible. But this shouldn’t stop us from being good individuals and giving to charity.

The notion of giving 10 percent to charity is good, but it is based on false data. You have probably stumbled on articles that talk about giving 10% of everything you have to charity as something written in the bible. Some other people spread the false info that all Jews give 10 percent due to their religion. Both of those statements are false and wrong at its core. The Bible does have some passages about giving to those who don’t have enough. But no line in it states the 10 percent people talk about. Same applies to Jews and Torah.

Both of those holy books talk about giving to poor. The amount you should give, according to them, is the amount you can give. Some people don’t have enough for themselves if they give that 10%. All this talk about that percentage makes them feel bad. That is wrong. Everyone should give what they can. For some people that are 3 percent of their paycheck and for others it might be 20%. Goading people into giving a certain percentage of their income is fundamentally wrong. Both of those two holy books speak against it. In the end, you don’t need a holy book to tell you not to force someone to give away something they require.

Every person that has a steady income should give some percent of their wage to charity. But they shouldn’t give more than they can afford to give away. This talk about certain percentage is both good and bad. It is good because it encourages people to give. On the other hand, it is bad because it makes people who give less feel ashamed. Encouraging people to donate to charities should be different. People should be invited to give, not forced to give more than they can give.

Some people started arguments around this 10$ thing which is good. They brought the point of rich people into the subject. We do see, on almost everyday basis, the charity work some rich people do. But think about what would happen if every rich person gave 10 percent of their wealth, or at least their income, to the charity. That would change the face of the world. This doesn’t happen, because they have more greed than average people.

When you turn their donations into the percentage, you will see that they donate bellow 1 percent of their income and still everyone praises them for that.